Plan your Party

We are mobile which means we love bringing the party to you! Get in touch below.

Choose a date, time and place.

The great thing about mobile parties is that you can choose the location for your party, A Purposeful Ponte will come to you with the instructor, paint supplies, canvases and aprons. You’ll be able to enjoy painting while you listen to your favorite music, talk and laugh with your friends, all in the comfort of a venue of your choice.

Choose a painting.

As the Hostess you pick the painting, and with over 80 selections to choose from we know you’ll find something that you love!  You can paint the artwork as is, or change the colors and add your own personal flair to really make your painting your own! Sessions last from 2 to 3 hours depending on the painting you choose.

Invite your guest and get ready to enjoy some fun art.

A minimum of 6 participants is required for an event. The cost for an awesome unforgettable experience is just $30 per participant. A deposit of $60 is required to schedule your session. Please complete the contact form so that we can get you on our calendar.

Let’s paint together.

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