For Sell

Each painting is unique and one-of-a-kind. Please be aware that colors you see on your screen may differ slightly from the actual ones on the canvas. Custom orders welcomed, please feel free to send me a direct message.

ANGELS OF MINE. Acrylic pour painting on 18X18 canvas. Colors include blue, copper, gold, pearl, bronze and browns. $120 Price does not include shipping.

LA AEOLUS Acrylic pour painting 16×20 canvas. colors in bronze, silver, gold, copper, pearl and browns on a black background. $120 Price does not include shipping. Contact for pickup/shipping.

THE HULK 11×14 canvas acrylic flip cup pour painting. Varnished. Colors are blue, green, white and black. Price is $40 does not include shipping

Titled Freedom of the Dance, 20X20 size canvas, acrylic pour painting. This goddess fly’s across the canvas in Colors burnt umber, white, blues, purple, turquoise, green and black. Price is $120 Does not include shipping

BETA 2, 11X14 size canvas, acrylic painting. varnished. Colors burnt umber, white, orange, blue, copper and gold. The burnt umber paint has a shimmer. Price is $40 does not include shipping.

Color Breeze 16X20X 3/4 Stretched canvas acrylic painting. Colors red, orange, yellow, blue, greens, purples, black and browns. Price $120 does not include shipping.

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