I am a creative!

Hello my creative friends! That is a greeting from one of my favorite fluid artists that I follow on YouTube. Her name is Olga Sobey and she’s amazing. Check out her YouTube channel. I have been drawing all my life. I’ve been painting for the last 3 years and yet here I am still questioningContinue reading “I am a creative!”

January’s Thursday night painting series

Hey guys!I know we haven’t even celebrated Christmas and I’m sending you information for January’s free painting sessions. I just wanted to give you the heads up that Januarys sessions are open for sign ups. There will only be 3 sessions for January. Its time to start training for the spring runs and I haveContinue reading “January’s Thursday night painting series”

It’s breast cancer awareness month!

As you know it’s Breast Cancer awareness month. This Is a campaign that I am passionate about. My grandmother who raised me, who was essentially my mother, lost her battle with breast cancer in October of 2003. She had a masectomy about 13 years before she passed. In early 2003 it came back as metastaticContinue reading “It’s breast cancer awareness month!”

Is it too early for Fall and pumpkins?!

Oh I just love Fall. I love the colors that Fall brings. I’m not a big fan of the cold so Fall is perfect weather, especially as a runner🏃🏾‍♀️.  Orange is my favorite color. The Brown’s, the red’s, the green’s, the yellows, all those colors just bring joy to my heart and I can’t waitContinue reading “Is it too early for Fall and pumpkins?!”

Boating Beauty – June’s featured selection

This month’s featured Paint party selection is Boating Beauty. And when I say beauty I am definitely not referring to myself. So recently I took a boating trip on Patoka Lake in Indiana and this is definitely not how I looked after the trip. No this was not my 1st time on a boat, butContinue reading “Boating Beauty – June’s featured selection”

Featured selection for the month of May!

A Purposeful Ponte Studio offers a wide range of affordable private and public paint parties for all ages, groups, and skill levels. From birthday parties to couple’s nights, mobile events to private classes, A Purposeful Ponte will turn your next event into a memorable celebration.  Just gather your friends and family and – we’ll bringContinue reading “Featured selection for the month of May!”