January’s Thursday night painting series

Hey guys!
I know we haven’t even celebrated Christmas and I’m sending you information for January’s free painting sessions. I just wanted to give you the heads up that Januarys sessions are open for sign ups.

There will only be 3 sessions for January. Its time to start training for the spring runs and I have a training session to attend. You will notice that a couple of the paintings we have not tried in the past. Finger painting and figure painting, but we have discussed trying both in our previous sessions. Even the waterfall painting is a little different from our usual. I hope this satisfies everyone’s appetite to create at a different level.

Of course I am always looking for ideas of what to paint next. I know some of you are saying, “I sent you a picture!” I know I know. LOL Ok so keep in mind that there are a few constraints when deciding what we are going to paint. We have painters at different levels, therefore I need to make sure I can explain each step in laymen’s terms or just explaining how to paint what it is we are painting. I have to consider the time it will take to finish the painting. You guys know how much you like to swipe the canvas over and over and over and over again. LOL I also have to consider if every painter has the tools to participate.

So get signed up, I like to keep class sizes to a minimum so that everyone can enjoy our sessions. If you didn’t know Thursday’s are my favorite day of the week! You guys know that I consider myself a magician and I look forward to teaching you the magic we create in our painting sessions. Bring your wands and see ya Thursday!

Which one would you like to paint?

Would you like to join?

sign up herehttps://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/5E55BUx

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