Meet the artist

Hello. Welcome to my blog. So allow me to introduce myself. I am an artist. Some people may say self-taught but I’m gonna call it what it is, my gift. As an artist I am living in my purpose. Hence the title of my business A Purposeful Ponte. Lol. I have been drawing all of my life. In high school we experimented with different mediums paint, pastels, with pencil drawing being my comfort zone. I can’t remember all of the different mediums and techniques that we used but we did experiment quite a bit. In college I took figure drawing although it wasn’t my major. As life went on my art pretty much fell to the side. About 2 years ago I decided that I wanted to start a mobile paint and sip business.

Now I’m back baby. I am the proud, and excited, owner of A Purposeful Ponte Studio, I teach paint parties in person, online and DIY painting kits. I also sell my abstract art work. So now you are wondering how I went from figure drawing (realism) to abstract painting. And so that is a different blog post.

So what is your gift that you were able to build on? Where is your life journey taking you?

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